Wednesday, 10 December 2008

LoL Hunter Nerf

Who didn't see this coming?
The class that solos everything, and does top dps by a large margin on both single-target and aoe pulls, getting nerfed? NOWAI!!!!!1!1!!1!

Inevitably people will QQ their eyes out, but why exactly? Bringing a measure of balance to the game isn't a bad thing. Losing a few % on the damage meters affects them in what way, exactly? It makes grinding while soloing a bit slower, and increases the time to complete instances by a small amount, and possibly alter a few hunter-beats-boss-preventing-wipe moments into wipe-at-1% moments. Oh noes!

And on the other hand, hunters get a bit of PvP-love. This is A Good Thing. Although inevitably some...people... will completely miss the point and say some rubbish like "OMGWTF! u'r nerfing PvE 4 PvP. PvP sux u noobs blizz kthbye" or the equivalent. Hunters are overpowered in PvE and underpowered (crap/almost useless/ waste of arena team slots) in PvP (slight exaggeration for effect on my part) - these are separate issues, they're just getting addressed at the same time.

I look forward to seeing what other people (and by this I mean BRK) have to say about it.

In other news, I've been busy (so busy that I'm only half-way to 80), but I'm still alive. Udder Madness posts will eventuate in the future. In the near future, even. As in: sometime this year. \o/!