Tuesday, 3 February 2009

[Personal] Things you may find when clearing out your room

- Lego
- Lego Technic
- Lego Technic Fibre Optic
- really terrible photos you took when you were a kid
- various science kits
- a touch-screen chess computer where G1 to G7 don't work
- a miniature Connect Four set, with twink on half the pieces because both sets of pieces it came with are red
- more terrible photos
- somewhere in the vicinity of $1000 worth of stamps, First Day Covers and Collector's Packs
- approximately 15 reams of paper encompassing virtually everything given to me at school and university, over 16 years or so. Ok, 15 reams is a bit of an exaggeration, but it's at least 5.
- error logging notes from the EMI Cologne IT department, stemming from roughly 1990
- a ten day WoW subscription guest pass key: F2Z428-X9XN-V29BEZ-VRGW-CMHEGD (unused at time of writing)
- coloured-in cutouts of trees, people and fire hydrants? WTF?
- 8 rulers and squares. Wait, 9. No, 10.
- a book in which my 6 year old self wrote "18x3=5", either I was mathematically challenged, or I had an insufficient attention span
- pictures of cats, aka pictures of AWESOME
- pictures of turtles and elephants and monkeys and, and, and
- another thousand dollars' worth of consumer electronics (iPod, MP4 player, Walkman, discman, cameras etc) - all in a state somewhere between "working quite eratically" to "totally dead"
- 2 pairs of wooden knitting needles... the metal ones are much better anyway
- about a dozen CDs won from various radio stations
- about $10 worth of old NZ coins, the heavy ones
- my body weight in dust
- 3.5" disks. Discs? Disks.
- massive amounts of random stationery, artefacts of bygone ages (I'm sure that's the Holy Grail from Monty Python)
- more books than I know what to do with

- a cat!

[Personal] Computer-less

Currently my personal computer needs are met by a battered and worn ASUS EeePC. Well actually they're not, but I don't have anything else.

I had been in the process of buying the parts for a new PC, but then had to place that order on hold due to certain delays: furniture not in the flat, grandmother died, busy with work, that sort of thing. When I contacted the retail store today I got this message.

"We all sold out the CPU AMD 6000 since the order over 3days"

Sucks. And they won't restock for another 2-3 weeks, if not longer.

So the question is: go with some CPU inferior to the AMD Athlon 64 X2 6000+ 2000MHz HyperTransport AM2 64Bit? Or wait for them to restock and kick my flatmate off his Mac long enough to do dailies (or just give up on WoW for a while)? Or get the part somewhere else...