Monday, 4 May 2009

Introducing Udder Madness 2.0

Hi again. I’m still alive. /waves.

One thing to note about blogging, especially if you’re focussing on something like WoW, is that the blogger needs to be interested in both the game, and feel that they have something to write about. Blogging can be quite a drain on one’s time, and at some point I lost both interest in the game and the blog, and as my life was undergoing several radical changes I just sort of … stopped writing.

And while I was...AWoL... a number of other renowned (and personal favourite) bloggers also left:
Daniel Howell from BigRedKitty
Megan from Out of Mana
Phaelia from Resto For Life

They're already sorely missed from my reading list, although Daniel Howell's new blog, Brain Needed Space has already been a source of much amusement and entertainment.

Anyway, I’m back in the game now, finally got The Fall of Naxxramas (last saturday) and my arena partners together (to continue our mediocre and unimpressive track record), so I figured I might as well revitalise this blog.

So welcome to Udder Madness 2.0, now at

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  1. Welcome back.. you were missed... glad you didn't end up on the permanent /AFK list