Wednesday, 6 May 2009

[Notwow] This post is dedicated to cats

Because cats are awesome!

This is my parents' cat, Ambra. Isn't she cute?
(Shortly afterwards she reached out with a single claw and scratched my eyelid, it was adorable. I think she still hasn't forgiven me for leaving home.)

A short digression (cats are more important):
So here I am at work. Working. Entering data and configuring the software package that will manage... anyway, I'm doing what I'm meant to be doing. Gradually falling asleep, because this part of the job is really f#cking boring, but hey, it's being done. I'd just come back from getting a Cornetto and was making my way through a (now empty) 500ml can of V Black (gogo caffeine), had saved the work I was doing and was recording my progress on paper, when my coworker walks in and says "hey, are you using the software at the moment? I'm getting an error".
Load up application, wait, yep... that doesn't look right:

WTF? We haven't even started testing the software and the license has already expired, not to mention the fact that all the license files were moved to the server two weeks ago. And I've already done almost three hours work in the application today, and the licenses were working fine.

Oh well, guess it gave me something else to do. Currently waiting for tech support to get back to me. May soon be making phone calls to Australia as well. Cats don't have this problem:

Cats > applications.

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