Friday, 12 September 2008

Blizzard announcement: PvE to PvP transfers enabled

Hmmm, interesting.
Having played on comfy and safe Aman'Thul for everything over level 20, I've come across quite a few people who, having rolled an alt here with a main on a PvP server, were really happy that they could level in peace, not be ganked etc. Although at times you really wish you were on a PvP server (hello mining node ninjas), being able to quest without having random rogues ambushing you is nice, and means that I can follow my favoured glass cannon approach to gearing a toon while levelling: lots of damage, very little health.
All of which is besides the point. The point is, that the elitist PvP 70s will be pissed off, but other people should be pretty happy. After all, they can now join friends on PvP servers, since the general turn off for PvE people rerolling on PvP is "I don't want to be ganked while levelling my new toon", and a lot of PvP players flatout refuse to play on PvE.
And to all the original PvP players: you now have lots of new people to gank, people with no madskillzkeh. You still have the advantage of a 'lifetime' of experience. There's a reason that Tichondrius is the most most feared server in my battlegroup (it's probably Kalgan, actually).

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