Monday, 15 September 2008

Emo Gladiator's Carrot of Devastation [+12]

So I was reading a post on WoWInsider regarding season 5 gear.

And really, who thinks up the names?
Tiered Gear (5-piece)
Season 1: Gladiator - ok, nice.
Season 2: Merciless - yep still good.
Season 3: Vengeful - sounds like you're grasping for names here.
Season 4: Brutal - wtf? Degenerated a bit
Season 5: Hateful - thassabit strong, no?
Quality of their names seems to be getting a) really negative, b) lacking originality somewhat. I mean, how about Emo Gladiator's Razorblade? Or Moderately Angry Gladiator's Pocketknife? Or even Accounting Gladiator's Ledger of Doom... yeah, so Blizzard aren't the only ones lacking in originality, but then, I'm not making the game.
Also, the non-set gear will also be Hateful:
Season 1: General/Marshal's
Season 2: Veteran's
Season 3: Vindicator's
Season 4: Guardian's
Season 5: Hateful Gladiator's - huhwhut?
Personally I think these names are pretty cool, although I'm not sure what a Vindicator actually is (one of those Aldor guys, but what do they do?), but I've always been a fan of the 'Guardian' title. So I don't like this particular change (should it persist).

QQ moar.

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  1. Diplomatic...
    Diplomatic Fountain Pen of leaking
    Diplomatic White Flag of Surrender

    Wiggles... (just to make it more pre-school friendly)
    Wiggles Sword of Captain Feathersword
    Wiggles Gauntlets of Dorothy the Dinosaur
    Wiggles Wag the dog of terror