Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Blizzard should do Genetics, aka Hunchbacked Hobo's Decapitator

So, in the last post I was complaining about how I didn't really like the names that Blizzard use for the latest arena gear sets (Brutal, Hateful, etc... - read the post, it's not long). And I'm sitting here in my biosci lecture (Gene Expression and Gene Transfer), and the names given to some of these genes/proteins are just plain awesome in some cases (a real pain in the arse to remember, though).
Here are a few, a knowledge of German or access to a German translation service might be helpful:
and a whole bunch more I can't recall right now (I might have passed 356 last semester if I had remembered them).

But this leads me to how much more awesome the names of the arena would be if Blizzard had a geneticist as head of their naming department, e.g. Hunchbacked Hobo's Decapitator, or Krueppeled Snail's Chain Spaulders.

And yes, I'm bored in this lecture. For those of you wondering, there is some proper content on the way, once these tests/essays/assignments are done.

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