Saturday, 6 September 2008

May Contain Themes, Language and Rattlesnakes. And nuts.

So, I decided to not log in to WoW, and get around to doing something I've been toying-with-thinking-about for a while. So here it is. You're reading it.

About me:
I'll state the obvious right off the bat. I play World of Warcraft, more than I should. I have a 70 hunter and a 70 druid. I play Magic: The Gathering. I study at college. I have some sort of income-producing employment. I can sort of write English (one day I hope to be able to read it as well).

While I'd love for people to read this, it's also all about getting thoughts out of my head and into some sort of less chaotic format. So all the crazy stuff can make way for more crazy stuff, hopefully eventually giving rise to some sane stuff which will also earn me money. So, expect random crap and WoW stuff. Expect rants. Expect very short posts. Expect me to possibly abandon this project very soon. Expect legumes. Expect men in coats to arrest me for being completely and utterly insane, and a threat to public health, the government, liberty and the nobility of the human spirit, and expect them to call me an idiot for leaving an obvious record.

Additionally I'll leave revision to a minimum, to better be able to demonstrate thought processes. Stuff that's likely to be edited: typos, ambiguities, "you're doing it wrong"-style oopsies, this statement.

And just to be different, I'll attach a 'mood' label to each post. So if I'm feeling pissed off at something, it'll be obvious that I'm not in a sane and steady emotional state (am I ever?).

Anyway, things to do, stuff to see, urine to be expelled from bladder. Everything else should become obvious as the blog grows.

This post was produced in a factory that also handles mathematical formulae.

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