Sunday, 16 November 2008

2000+ (queues, not rating)

All the Oceanic servers seem to have 1000+ queues, around the clock.
Last night I joined the queue at 9:30ish, by 11:30 I was still in the queue and by 12:30 I'd been disconnected from the server.
And tonight there's a 2112 person queue, and Aman'Thul isn't even listed for transfer, so can't pull the DK off...
After coming home from working 8-12 hours this feels worse than being in overcrowded unstable starting zones.
And explains the complete lack of content for Udder Madness :(.

Apparently getting to 80 should be pretty quick though, judging from the fact that the world first to 80 (a French Warlock) came a couple of days ago, and there's even a level 80 DK now (both European). And TwentyFifthNovember, the merger of the elite gaming guilds SK Gaming and Nihilum, has beaten all the PvE content available. Pretty short expansion, and thanks to queues my mains are still not a single bar over 71, and the DK is lingering at 58.

Oh look, only 154 minutes left in the queue...

EDIT: screenshot fixt.

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  1. wow, that really sucks, I guess my server doesn't have as many people. We only had ques of 500 or so. And now they are already gone.