Saturday, 29 November 2008

[Guide] Northrend Faction Rewards

Originally the concept for this post came from my desire to take a look at the various faction rewards to plan out gear and rep grinding for my toons. Hopefully you will find it a useful resource for doing something similar.
I'm going to list every item offered by neutral (i.e. not Horde/Alliance-affiliated) quartermasters in order of reputation level required, adding both the item type and what sort of role it would best suit (healer/dps/tank - my opinion), or the relevant profession.
I won't be going over how to get rep with these factions, you can find that information elsewhere and I haven't experienced enough to be able to make good calls on this.
If you notice any errors, please let me know.

The Argent Crusade
Frenzyheart Tribe
The Kalu'ak
The Kirin Tor
Knights of the Ebon Blade (technically not a Northrend faction :P )
The Oracles
The Sons of Hodir
The Wyrmrest Accord

The Argent Crusade
Tabard of the Argent Crusade (75) - Tabard
Arcanum of the Fleeting Shadow (80) - Head Enhancement, Shadow resist
Cloak of Holy Extermination (78) - Back, Physical DPS
Special Issue Legplates (78) - Plate Legs, Tanking
Standard Issue Legguards (78) - Plate Legs, Healing
Arcanum of the Stalwart Protector (80) - Head Enhancement, Tanking
Argent Skeleton Crusher (80) - 2H Mace, Physical DPS
Battle Mender's Helm (80) - Mail, Caster DPS
Design: Guardian's Twilight Opal - Jewelcrafting
Fang-Deflecting Faceguard (80) - Head, Plate, Physical DPS
Purifying Torch (78) - Wand, Healing/Caster DPS
Zombie Sweeper Shotgun (80) - Gun, Physical DPS
Boots of the Neverending Path (80) - Feet, Leather, Tanking/Physical DPS
Helm of Purified Thoughts (80) - Head, Plate, Healing
Polished Regimental Hauberk (80) - Chest, Mail, Physical DPS
Signet of Hopeful Light (80) - Finger, Caster DPS/Healing
Pattern: Brillian Spellthread - Tailoring

Frenzyheart Tribe
Design: Reckless Huge Citrine - Jewelcrafting
Nepeta Leaf - Misc
Roasted Mystery Beast - Misc
Azure Strappy Pants (78) - Legs, Leather, Physical DPS
Design: Jagged Forest Emerald - Jewelcrafting
Discarded Titanium Legplates (78) - Legs, Plate, Healing
Giant-Sized Gauntlets (78) - Hands, Plate, Tanking
Muddied Crimson Gloves (78) - Hands, Cloth, Healing/Caster DPS
Scavenged Feathery Leggings (78) - Legs, Mail, Healing/Caster DPS
Sparkly Shiny Gloves (78) - Hands, Plate, Healing
Stolen Vrykul Harpoon (78) - Thrown, Tanking/Physical DPS
Disgusting Jar - Non-combat Pet
Frenzyheart Insignia of Fury (70) - Trinket, DPS

The Kalu'ak
Design: Seer's Dark Jade - Jewelcrafting
Freshly-Speared Empreror Salmon (75) - Misc
Cuttlefish Scale Breastplate (76) - Chest, Mail, Physical DPS
Cuttlefish Tooth Ringmail (76) - Chest, Mail, Healing/Caster DPS
Ivory-Reinforced Chestguard (76) - Chest, Plate, Tanking
Pattern: Dragonscale Ammo Pouch - Leatherworking
Pigment-Stained Robes (76) - Chest, Cloth, Healing
Turtle-Minders Robes (76) - Chest, Cloth, DPS
Whale-Skin Breastplate (76) - Chest, Leather, Tanking/Physical DPS
Whale-Skin Vest (76) - Chest, Leather, Caster DPS
Whalebone Carapace (76) - Chest, Plate, Physical DPS
Design: Defender's Shadow Crystal - Jewelcrafting
Pattern: Trapper's Traveling Pack - Leatherworking
Totemic Purification Rod (78) - 1H Mace, Healing/Caster DPS
Traditional Flensing Knife (78) - Dagger, Physical DPS
Whale-Stick Harpoon (78) - Polearm, Hunter DPS
Mastercraft Kalu'ak Fishing Pole (70) - Fishing Pole, Fishing
Nurtured Penguin Egg - Non-combat Pet

Kirin Tor

Tabard of the Kirin Tor (75) - Tabard
Arcanum of the Flame's Soul (80) - Head Enhancement, Fire resist
Helm of the Majestic Stag (78) - Head, Leather, Caster DPS
Lightblade Rivener (78) - Dagger, Physical DPS
Shroud of Dedicated Research (78) - Back, Healing/Caster DPS
Spaulders of Grounded Lightning (78) - Mail, Shoulder, Physical DPS (PvP)
Arcanum of Burning Mysteries (80) - Head Enhancement, Healer/Caster DPS
Flameheart Spell Scalpel (80) - Dagger, Caster DPS
Girdle of the Warrior Magi (80) - Waist, Plate, Healing
Mind-Expanding Leggings (80) - Legs, Leather, Physical DPS/Tanking
Stave of Shrouded Mysteries (80) - Staff, Druid Tanking
Boots of Twinkling Stars (80) - Feet, Mail, Physical DPS
Fireproven Gauntlets (80) - Hands, Plate, Tanking
Ghostflicker Waistband (80) - Waist, Leather, Caster DPS
Robes of Crackling Flame (80) - Chest, Cloth, Caster DPS/Healing
Design: Runed Scarlet Ruby - Jewelcrafting
Pattern: Sapphire Spellthread - Tailoring

Knights of the Ebon Blade
Design: Deadly Huge Citrine - Jewelcrafting
Tabard of the Ebon Blade (75) - Tabard
Arcanum of Toxic Warding (80) - Head Enhancement, Nature resist
Dark Soldier Cape (78) - Back, Caster DPS
Pattern: Nerubian Reinforced Quiver - Leatherworking
Toxin-Tempered Sabatons (78) - Feet, Plate, Tanking
Unholy Persuader (78) - Fist Weapon, Physical DPS
Design: Wicked Monarch Topaz - Jewelcrafting
Arcanum of Torment (80) - Head Enhancement, Physical DPS
Reaper of Dark Souls (80) - 1H Sword, Physical DPS
Runeblade of Demonstrable Power (80) - 2H Sword, Physical DPS
Spaulders of the Black Arrow (80) - Shoulders, Mail, Physical DPS
Sterile Flesh-handling Gloves (80) - Hands, Cloth, Healing/Caster DPS
Wound-Binders Wristguards (80) - Wrists, Leather, Healing/Caster DPS
Pattern: Abyssal Bag - Tailoring
Belt of Dark Mending (80) - Waist, Cloth, Caster DPS/Healing
Darkheart Chestguard (80) - Chest, Leather, Physical DPS
Death-Inured Sabatons (80) - Feet, Plate, Physical DPS
Kilt of Dark Mercy (80) - Legs, Mail, Healing/Caster DPS
Design: Glowing Twilight Opal - Jewelcrafting

The Oracles
Design: Vivid Dark Jade - Jewelcrafting
Oracle Secret Solution (70) - Misc
Slow-Roasted Eel (75) - Misc
Design: Sundered Forest Emerald - Jewelcrafting
Fishy Cinch (78) - Waist, Cloth, Healing/Caster DPS
Glimmershell Shoulder Protectors (78) - Shoulders, Plate, Death Knight Tanking
Glitterscale Wrap (78) - Waist, Leather, Physical DPS
Gold Star Pauldrons (78) - Shoulders, Plate, Physical DPS
Sharkjaw Cap (78) - Head, Mail, Caster DPS/Healing
Shinygem Rod (78) - Wand, Caster DPS
Toothslice Helm (78) - Head, Mail, Physical DPS
Mysterious Egg (70) - Non-combat Pet
Oracle Talisman of Absolution (70) - Trinket, DPS

The Sons of Hodir
Arcanum of the Frosty Soul (80) - Head Enhancement, Frost resist
Giant Ring Belt (78) - Waist, Mail, Physical DPS
Lesser Inscription of the Axe (80) - Shoulder Enhancement, Physical DPS
Lesser Inscription of the Crag (80) - Shoulder Enhancement, Healing
Lesser Inscription of the Pinnacle (80) - Shoulder Enhancement, Tanking
Lesser Inscription of the Storm (80) - Shoulder Enhancement, Caster DPS
Pattern: Mammoth Mining Bag - Leatherworking
Spaulders of Frozen Knives (78) - Shoulders, Leather, Physical DPS/Tanking
Reigns of the Ice Mammoth (60) - Alliance Mount
Reigns of the Ice Mammoth (60) - Horde Mount
Broken Stalactite (80) - Dagger, Physical DPS
Giant-Friend Kilt (80) - Legs, Leather, Caster DPS
Spaulders of the Giant Lords (80) - Shoulders, Plate, Physical DPS
Stalactite Chopper (80) - 1H Axe, Physical DPS
Greater Inscription of the Axe (80) - Shoulder Enhancement, Physical DPS
Greater Inscription of the Crag (80) - Shoulder Enhancement, Healing
Greater Inscription of the Pinnacle (80) - Shoulder Enhancement, Tanking
Greater Inscription of the Storm (80) - Shoulder Enhancement, Caster DPS
Reigns of the Grand Ice Mammoth (60) - Alliance Mount
Reigns of the Grand Ice Mammoth (60) - Horde Mount
Design: Smooth Autumn's Glow - Jewelcrafting
Pattern: Glacial Bag - Tailoring

The Wyrmrest Accord
Tabard of the Wyrmrest Accord (75) - Tabard
Arcanum of the Eclipsed Moon (80) - Head Enhancement, Arcane resist
Bracers of Accorded Courtesy (78) - Wrist, Plate, Healing
Cloak of Peaceful Resolutions (78) - Back, Tanking
Fang of Truth (78) - 1H Sword, Physical DPS
Sash of the Wizened Wyrm (78) - Waist, Cloth, Caster DPS
Ancestral Sinew Wristguards (80) - Wrist, Cloth, Healing/Caster DPS
Arcanum of Blissful Mending (80) - Head Enhancement, Healing
Breatplate of the Solemn Council (80) - Chest, Plate, Tanking
Gavel of the Brewing Storm (80) - Mace, Caster DPS
Sabatons of Draconic Vigor (80) - Feet, Plate, Tanking
Pattern: Mysterious Bag - Tailoring
Dragonfriend Bracers (80) - Wrist, Leather, Physical DPS
Grips of Fierce Pronouncements (80) - Hands, Mail, Healing/Caster DPS
Legplates of Bloody Reprisal (80) - Legs, Plate, Physical DPS
Reigns of the Red Drake (70) - Mount
Sandals of Crimson Fury (80) - Feet, Cloth, Caster DPS/Healing
Design: Glimmering Monarch Topaz - Jewelcrafting

NB: I'd suggest that spirit and MP5 are more healer-centric stats, but DPS do need them to some degree, and some items without them are still good upgrades for healers, since the prominence of "Healing/Caster DPS" and "Caster DPS/Healing".
Also: anyone noticed how few of these items have sockets? Grumble...


  1. Thank you SO much for your recent comment about hunter gear stats! I really appreciate it.

  2. I was looking for a nice organized grouping of the various new factions and rewards - thanks SO much for posting this! it was very helpful.

  3. helpfull. Thanks!