Tuesday, 18 November 2008

New Oceanic Realm: Saurfang

So Blizzard finally admitted that 2000+ queues on all Oceanic servers was kind of silly, and we now have a new server: Saurfang. This goes a way towards disproving the theory that Blizzard hates players and just wants to roll in their money.
I transfered my Death Knight across, leaving my other toons on Aman'Thul so I can do stuff with the guild once the queues go away. Naturally I'm not the only one who thought of this, and Saurfang seems to be about 80% Death Kniggets, coming from a variety of backgrounds, but predominantly Jubei'thos, Frostmourne and Aman'Thul, from what I heard while questing last night.
A further note in Blizzard's favour: transfers were really fast, taking about 2 minutes to appear on Saurfang.
And I have no idea what battlegroup it's in. Obviously I could look it up, but that would involve effort and right now....................................................... (<- that's all I feel like doing, the spaces where my teeth were are really sore).
I'm sure I had other stuff to say, but now I'm gonna take the cotton buds out and go swallow a nurofen.

Update: Saurfang is currently closed to character creation, unless you already have a transfered character there. So this server is pretty much restricted only to those who transfered toons there during the transfer period.
It should open up to toon creation in a few weeks.

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