Saturday, 1 November 2008

Shenanigans in Shadow Labs

Shadow Labyrinth is an interesting instance. I've run it more than any other instance in WoW.

My first 70 was my hunter, Darksentinel, and he'd heard tales of a mythical weapon of great power dropping from a behemoth who resided deep in the Shadow Labyrinth. The creature Murmur was defeated multiple times, but apparently favours only casters with the gear it leaves for its vanquishers. Eventually my hunter decided that this supposed Sonic Spear was merely a tale from the taverns of the Lower City, and (with a reasonably modicum of effort) upgraded his Sha'tari Longsword of the Bandit (from memory 28 Agi, 43 Stam, 56 AP) to a weapon most mighty and fabulous: the Vengeful Gladiator's Waraxe. Yet even after this, the Shadow Labyrinth continued to entice the hunter. A Blood-Elven priestess, Arianwyn, sought to become exalted with the elements of Shattrath's Lower City, and he aided her in vanquishing the various orcish minions in the First Room, and, his desire not completely doused by the mighty axe in his hand, he continued to search, in vain, for the legendary Spear.

Following in the footsteps of this hunter, the druid Beathooven chased his own dream in Shadow Labyrinth. Being of a healing and restorative inclination, this young Tauren had heard that one of the most powerful Idols in all of the shattered realms of Outland was in the hands of a demon near the entrance of the Labyrinth: the famed Idol of the Emerald Queen. Much like his troll friend, Beathooven found that despite multiple victories against his demonic adversary he remained with an empty Idol slot - although he did end up with various Hallowed Raiments (and rejoiced in his ability to cast his non-existent Binding Heal with a 30% increased resistance to interruption), and even the Sonic Spear found its way into his hand (his hunter friend was mildly amused).

After numerous attempts (including healing a pick up group while being rather Feral) he even convinced his arena partner, the Warlock Stupidcow, to help him, and with a lot of effort the two managed to defeat all opposition up to and including Ambassador Hellmaw. While once again no Idol dropped, much fun was had.

Close to despair, Beathooven teamed up with several friends and using the most sacred techniques of Right-Click-Player-Portrait-and-Choose-Dungeon-Difficulty, ventured into a heroic version of the same Shadow Labyrinth that had defied him all this time. Although altogether more difficult than its non-heroic equivalent, his powerful allies from the Quantum Butterflies made short work of all the foes in this new Labyrinth and Beathooven was richly rewarded with the Idol of the Emerald Queen - if he'd known that was all it took, he'd have attempted heroism much earlier.

Although seemingly finished with Shadow Labyrinth, Darksentinel returned. After the powers-that-be decreed the presence of 3.0.2, the troll noted that his pets appeared much more powerful than earlier, and wished to test this out. And where better than the instance that had defied his early days at maximum level? With his friends Gurney (the huntery version of Stupicow), and the young, not-quite-70, enhancement shaman Mok at his side, he took his faithful companion LoveMe (once an innocent boar in Durotar) to once again challenge the might of the labyrinth and it's denizens. Despite later learning that LoveMe appeared addicted to the use of Cower, strategical trapping and misdirection, plus the occasional heal from the shaman, the trio downed the much-abused Hellmaw once again. Although afterwards they decided that the next room was not best suited to the abilities of a piggy (possibly ok for a gorilla), and called it a night.

These are my adventures in SLabs.

Shadow Labyrinth: TIME FOR FUN!

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