Friday, 31 October 2008

[NZ] Midnight release

EB Games in Lynn Mall (and I assume elsewhere in NZ) are doing a midnight release for WotLK. Although if you haven't pre-ordered you're out of luck, since they've sold out. And they sold out of Collector's Edition copies ages ago (I know this because I went there at around 2pm on the day the CE came out for pre-orders, only to hear "sorry, we just got an email saying we've reached our quota").
There is a very very small chance I will be getting my copy at midnight, although I've got to turn up to work the next day. Either way there won't be a meet and greet like some other bloggers are having, mostly because if you read this and live in Auckland you already know me.

And apparently Gamesman New Lynn is also doing a midnight release.

Since none of this is really content, I'd like to share the following pxt with you:

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