Sunday, 12 October 2008

What will I be doing once 3.0.2 hits?

Around 2 days to go until the servers go down in preparation for 3.0.2 (assuming things happen as normal).

Here's what I'll probably be trying on Wednesday and over the subsequent week or so (until my exams come up) - not necessarily stuff you should do, but you could consider some things:
  • hunter:
    • buy 2 stable slots run around and tame everything in sight. Including, but not limited to:
      • gorilla
      • Winterspring chimaera
      • core hound (probably get the SMV version, and then try for MC skin if it proves worthwhile)
      • devilsaur
      • one of those cats from Darkshore
      • a new owl (I kinda miss Orly)

    • try to solo some stuff:
      • Fel reaver
      • Gutripper (gave me problems at 67)
      • target dummy
      • slave pens
      • first room of shadow labyrinth

    • mess around in PvP with Aimed Shot and Readiness

  • paladin:
    • spec ret and have fun

  • druid:
    • bitterly regret not getting the Challenger title

  • sell herbs to people leveling Inscription (yay, profit)

  • QQ about:
    • lifebloom
    • holy paladins
    • people in S4 helms (requiring 1700 rating) playing in teams at 1500

EDIT: tried to fix the formating, but it hates me.


  1. I think hunters are going to have the most fun with 3.0.2 given all the new pets they're going to be able to tame. It almost makes me wish I had one at 70.

  2. @hana:
    yeah it's nice that hunters will be fun again, since I got a bit bored with mine (essentially a 2-button spammer in PvE - like holy paladins ;) - and a liability in arena).
    quite a few classes look like they'll be more interesting to play, although I'm sorry to note that holy paladins (like Gillien) seem quite underpowered post-patch.

    Bear in mind though that hunters will be ridiculously easy to level (especially compared to pre-patch paladins which are pretty slow), and that you can start picking up a lot of cool pets within a day of creating your character (although possibly not devilsaurs or core hounds ;) )

  3. My 2v2 arena partner (with Gillien) is a hunter, so I totally understand about the liability in arena. We have this on-going grumbling about we're the two worst possible classes that could be doing arena together (but we're RL friends so we're arguably not in it for the rating).

    And I totally hear you about the people in 1700 helms in 1500 matches. :(