Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Random coincidences

A long time ago when Ephylia (my paladin) was 37 or so, she went to Razorfen Downs with a group and Amnennar the Coldbringer dropped a plate helm which both she and the warrior rolled Need on. And so did the Enhancement shaman. And yes, the shaman won, and yes, I was slightly pissed off, and apparently the shaman thought it was mail. One of those "I hate pugs" stories.

Anyway, once 3.0.2 hit a few weeks ago, Ephylia, now 42, came out of cryogenic sleep and turned to the Ret side. And after having a lot of fun aoe grinding stuff in Dustwallow Marsh, I decided to see if I could solo RFD. Funnily enough a guildmate of mine, the enhancement shaman Mok, was doing RFD (probably for the achievement) and after I solod the first few pulls he offered to run me through. While I could solo the first few groups, the caster heavy ones were tricky so I welcomed the offer (although it turns out that the new, improved Consecration kills groups faster than a 68 enhancement shaman). And anyway, Amnennar dropped the Icemetal Barbute which Ephylia has been wearing ever since.

So, the enhancement shaman giveth, and the enhancement shaman taketh away. And the guildie cleans up the pugs mess (I'm pretty sure it wasn't Mok who needed plate all those months ago, but I was also sure that EDTA removes confluent cells from the bottom of a petri dish - turns out trypsin dettaches the cells and EDTA prevents them sticking to each other).

I'm still hesitant about trusting pugs though. Once bitten, twice shy.

Damn but I hate clich├ęs, using them is like taking candy from a baby (noisy and rather embarrassing when the mother turns up to see what all the fuss is about).

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