Sunday, 12 October 2008

[WOTLK Spoiler] So, like, whoah

Was busily procrastinating, when I came across this [mega SPOILER warning]:


That's pretty ****ing epic.

Part of a really awesome questline, and explains a lot of stuff about the Forsaken.

The full questline, courtesy of BlizzPlanet can be found here [more spoilers]:
Alliance version
Horde version
And they're... (author has run out of superlatives, will now resort to 'cool') really frickin gob-smackingly... cool

All I can say (apart from "wow") is that now I'm really looking forward to Wrath, and DKs.


  1. Yeah that is crazy epic. I saw it a few weeks ago now and is crazy cool. This leads to some crazy stuff happening in UC to. I dont want to give it away though :D

  2. @toresh:
    yeah the UC stuff is pretty nuts, spent an hour not-writing-essay and reading through the chain.