Tuesday, 28 October 2008

I Miss WoW

So, two days of cold turkey, and gods do I miss it.
I haven't actually done all that much study/work: I tidied some of the stuff on my desk (i.e. moved a bit of the mess onto the floor), I did an hour or two of research for my essay, played a couple of Flash games (so sad), and printed off some notes and old exam papers.

Am currently feeling really tired and listless, am unlikely to do any meaningfully productive study today and would like nothing better than to mindlessly mash buttons while working my way through the undead of WPL before the Great Ret Nerfbat hits.

I just know that if I start playing again I'll self-rationalise to the point of convincing myself that I can study for all my papers in the hours of busride before the exam and that that will be sufficient. Since past experience has shown that this only works for stage 1 and 2 papers (and some stage 3 maths), and generally requires some semblance of lecture attendance (which has been sadly lacking on my part for Medsci 314 this semester) I'm just going to wallow in WoW-withdrawal and hope that I eventually get around to studying.

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