Tuesday, 14 October 2008

[Arena]: A Lesson in Humility

Patch 3.0.2 comes out tomorrow, no surprise.
And arena Season 4 ends at the same time (before the patch turns everything on it's head).

We figured 1600 rating would cut it for a Challenger title, based on Arena Junkies' arena title calculator. Going into this week, our 2v2 was at 1543, and our 3v3 at 1503, so we should've had a decent chance. The key word being should.

We ended up getting facerolled by teams on much lower rating.
We fought a lot of people with S4 gear, especially helms (which require 1700 rating).

Stupidcow and I ended on 1472, after a lot of very hard matches against teams a lot better geared.

Damah, Stupidcow and I ended on 1398 after an hour of pain and suffering. We got to 1546 after a few easy games then plummeted insanely quickly, losing 17-19 points a match. We played almost every pvp-viable class and spec tonight, at a variety of ratings and still got owned (no warriors or boomkin, oddly enough). These were seriously good teams, with extremely well-coordinated cc and very good gear.

Stupid reroll teams getting friends titles.

Highlights of Season 4:
- 2v2 with Damah (elemental shaman) on my resto druid, teams would run around looking for the rogue (can't they see thorns and MotW?)
- any arena with Damah, people seem to assume he's resto
- actually killing things as a Beast Mastery hunter
- after a day of losing to teams in half S4, fighting an Arms warrior wielding Terrok's Quill
- reaching 1560 rating (max peak of our 2v2) while wearing more blues than PvP items
- kiting hunters and frost mages around pillars as a resto druid
- fighting prot paladins ("dude, he just threw his shield at me") and warriors with shields (fought a long game once, where I was hit by my own Entangling Roots three times, gogo Spell Reflection)

Lowlights of Season 4:
- fighting all the rerolled teams messing with our 1500-ish bracket (seriously, S4 helms, wtf?)
- ret paladins with windfury totem
- watching your elemental shaman 2v2 partner run out of mana - you can keep them alive for ages, but you can't kill anything
- rogues
- being kited while playing a hunter
- having pet killed by enhancement shamans
- playing a hunter in general
- watching your warlock partner trying to kill a scorpid so you can drink
- playing warlock/druid against resto shamans and anything else - they have so much mana regen
- binding Abolish Poison to the F4 button

GG and bring on Season 5!

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