Monday, 13 October 2008

Ode to Lifebloom

Well, as mentioned all over the place, it's not long until 3.0.2 hits us (all 1.17GB of it).
I’d like to remember the 2.x.x patches with a dedication to one of my favourite spells of The Burning Crusade. It’s slightly shorter than originally intended, but I found I was repeating myself after a while. For reference, the old LB, and the new one.

You’re awesome

When I get feared
And the tank’s about to die
Your bloom’s right there
Keeping them alive

Outheal a mage’s burst
And a warlock’s DoTs
Hunters do your worst
Cos I’ve got HoTs

You’re awesome

You make me a four-tank healing tree
And OP me in PvP
Seven seconds of health regen
Then a bloom so we’re good to go again

Keep my team alive
While I pillar kite
Heal them while I drink
Out of line-of-sight

You’re awesome

My life comes back
With every tick
Dispel my buffs
At your own risk

Totally OOM but I can heal
With the epitome of efficiency
220 mana, is that for real?
Keep healing for all eternity

You’re awesome

There, wasn't that cheesy.
Now back to this essay...

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