Tuesday, 14 October 2008

What can we expect tomorrow?

So servers have gone down tonight, presumably so that 3.0.2 can come out.
Earlier I had the following conversation with Toresh of Hunt This (edited slightly for relevance):

(02:24:03 PM) Toresh: i know what will be happening tomoorw though. in trade"where did my mounts go. and /w me "where u get that pet from"
(02:25:04 PM)
darksentinel: lolk
(02:25:22 PM)
darksentinel: and also "where's skill [x], it disappeared from my bar"
(02:25:40 PM)
darksentinel: "/r your talents got reset"
(02:26:10 PM)
Toresh: not going to be a good day at all :D
(02:27:21 PM)
darksentinel: bah
(02:27:24 PM)
darksentinel: /leave trade
(02:27:28 PM)
darksentinel: /leave general
(02:27:31 PM)
Toresh: good plan
(02:27:32 PM)
darksentinel: /gquit :P
(02:27:38 PM) Toresh: lol

Some things we might expect post-3.0.2:
People asking where their mounts went (hint: spellbook tabs).
People asking where talented spells went (hint: assign talent points).
People leveling inscription like mad (hint: sell herbs).
People running around with devilsaurs, corehounds and all things awesome (hint: get your own BM hunter).
Hunters running around taming everything. Un'goro will be full, and MC will see more activity than it has for ages.
Hunters trying to solo stuff, 'cos you know, they're kinda broken in pve post-patch.
Hunter pets with no talents.
Players with no talents.
Me bitching about not getting an arena title.
Really busy trade channels.
Broken add-ons.

What might we not see:
Holy paladins.
Survival hunters.
People who left WoW for Warhammer Online (not really relevant to the patch, but something I talked about today).
Marshal Windsor in Stormwind City.
Various other things we'll suddenly miss.
The alts of all the people playing hunters.

Anyway, good night for now, will post something tomorrow (don't expect much, I'll be too busy playing my hunter and ret paladin).

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  1. Arr fun times indeed LOL

    one thing though the pets and mounts are in your Character panel not your spell book.
    Now what to do for the next 12 hours?