Saturday, 15 November 2008

The Universe Doesn't Want Me to Play

After working a long day selling stuff to people at Big Boys' Toys yesterday, and my normal library job today, I finally installed Wrath at around 1830 tonight. Then I went to make dinner, and came back to this:
And 15 minutes later:
Seriously. Wtf?
I'm gonna transfer server.
And one more try:
TWO AND A HALF HOUR queue? Jeez. Remind me never to log out again if I do get in.
And Aman'Thul isn't even up for transfers, so can't move a Death Knigget somewhere else. And with the expansion freshly installed I'm really not that interested in playing a <20 alt somewhere else.
Seriously, where are all these characters coming from? Or has Blizzard limited the servers to 500 people in Northrend to keep em stable :S.

Apparently Red Alert 3 is good.

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