Monday, 3 November 2008

[Pics] 7000 words on Druids

Lately I've been posting a lot on Hunters. And, let's face it, post-3.0.2 they're even more awesome than they were before. But let's also face the fact that Druids are really really cool. Especially Tauren druids (cows turning into bears/cats/different cats/storm crows/anthropomorphic rotten broccoli/inflatable giant chickens - what isn't there to love? Except the fact that Tauren druids in cat forms won't close their damn mouths).

Actually this is just an excuse for showing some stuff from my Screenshots folder and pretending people are interested in it. At the time of posting I should be busy attempting to waffle my way through my Medsci 314 (Immunology) exam, for the second time, and probably failing miserably.

Shows how bad Hunters are in arena: they lose to off-spec bears.

Does it get anymore Druidy than this? 4 70 druid helping a 64 through normal Slave Pens. Bullishnek, Ariia and Beathooven are all resto, Meellow respec'd Balance (from resto) just for the sake of this run, Ankka is Feral. At one point everyone but Ankka and myself DC'd. While not a challenge, certainly a lot of fun.

3 inc LM... wtf are you guys doing?
My 2v2 arena partner and I relaxing, for the horde.

Sin'dorei Druid, courtesy of the Dimensional Ripper. Shifting into Moonkin alters what you appear as when you have the 'Transporter Malfunction' debuff, but shifting into anything else removes the debuff entirely. Generally the Tauren armour skins mess up the appearance (e.g. as a female Orc the goggles replace the eyes).

Dwarven Druid: how silly.

Experience to level 70: 2.

Posting e-peen BG score-charts stopped being cool ages ago. But this is a pic from close to 6 months ago, and shows probably the highest dps I've seen in a 40-minute BG. At the time Nutrage was a T6 geared Boomkin, who went around 2-shotting everything.

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