Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Man, how messed up was that maintenance?

So, in preparation for Wrath of the Lich King launching in under 24 hours, Blizzard went ahead and broke the servers during Tuesday maintenance. At least it seems that way.
All the mail got lost in the place that "the cheque is in the mail" letters go to. So there was an emergency extended maintenance that lasted about 10 hours longer than planned, and then we got an in-game mail saying that the lost stuff would be mailed back to us some time during the next few days.
During this period of "we have nfi when the servers will be back up. Lol. Check back in two hours", the forums also went offline, disappearing into the ether together with some stuff I bid on.
And the arena vendors totally broke. A bunch of stuff is free, like the Brutal Gladiator's Hatchet and apparently S2 Priest and Warlock gear. A bunch of S4 weapons lost all rating requirements despite statements saying that this wouldn't happen. And two days after I bought a gem for 800 points (because the arena vendors were meant to disappear during this maintenance) the Brutal Gladiator's Waraxe turns up for 600 points (and no rating requirement).
Forums are now in Read Only mode.
AND I found out that I can get pink wasps outside of RNG luck in Underbog.

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